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Pet Grooming


A lavish and relaxing time awaits our furry friends. Our caring team will create a relaxing environment for your dog in our extensively posh and modern spa facilities. Our facility is geared towards insuring a comfortable experience to all dogs. For example, many dogs react differently to noise from certain machines, that’s why we are able to provide an array of drying methods – from handheld options to hair dryers. Our shampoo and conditioner will be infused with soft scents and will also be designed specifically to be safe and gentle on a pet’s skin and coat. Certain pets may be extra sensitive; thus hypoallergenic options will also be available upon request. Our spa crew are highly trained on not only different breeds of dogs but also different types of animals – from large cats to birds.


Certain spa activities require a steady hand and intricate fingers to complete the process. For example, if you have ever tried to trim a dog's nails on your own, you’re no doubt aware that they have a blood vessel called the “quick” - which runs in the center of each nail. Such a detail must be cautiously monitored to avoid any minor inconveniences for our guests. Avoid this stress by allowing are nail techs to take care of it.

What else we do!

Our services in Pet Fun Park include but are not limited to;

Basic Grooming
Full Grooming
Quick Bath
Ear Cleaning
Teeth Brushing
Nail trimming

Book your next furry friend spa appointment at Pet Fun Park and let us handle all the fuss and bubbles that go into it!

Pet Fun Park

Pet Fun Park provides services for dog daycare, boarding and pet grooming. Feel free to call us or chat with us on WhatsApp if you have any query.

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