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For Daycare and Boarding, all dogs 3 months or older MUST be up-to-date on all vaccines, including Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Rabies, DHPP & Leptospirosis. Updated vaccination records must be provided prior to entry into daycare or boarding. All vaccines should be given at least 2 days prior to either service.
20% off for on the second pet!

Dog Boarding & Daycare

Dog Daycare Dog Boarding
Full Day - 70 AED 90 AED per day (Regular Season)
Per Hour - 10 AED 115 AED per day (Peak Season)
Inquire about peak and regular season by calling
Complementary bath for 10 or more days of stay

Basic Grooming

Animal Prices
Small dog 100 AED
Medium dog 120 AED
Large dog 140 AED
X. Large dog 170 AED
Cat 85 AED
Shampoo (2x), conditioner, hair brushing, blow dry, nail trimming, sanitary trim and ear cleaning.

Full Grooming

Animal Prices
Small dog (10 kg) 165 AED
Medium dog (20 kg) 185 AED
Large dog (above 20 kg) 205 AED
X. Large dog 225 AED
Cat 140 AED
Shampoo (2x), conditioner, brushing, blow dry, nail trimming, paw & nose balm, ear cleaning and trimming & styling.

Quick Bath

Animal Prices
Small dog (10 kg) 50 AED
Medium dog (20 kg) 70 AED
Large dog (above 20 kg) 90 AED
X. Large dog 110 AED
Only shampoo, conditioner, perfume and blow dry.

Bird Grooming

Animal Prices
Small Bird 50 AED
Medium Bird 120 AED
Large Bird 170 AED
Bath, blow dry, nail filling, feather trimming, beak shaping.

Pet Fun Park

Pet Fun Park provides services for dog daycare, boarding and pet grooming. Feel free to call us or chat with us on WhatsApp if you have any query.

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